* The information provided is not legal advice but merely provides the reader with an identification of issues to consider when establishing a new business entity.

Before Site Selection

Record Trade Name Certificate at the Clerk’s Office.

Review the Site Selection – Things to Consider.

Contact Planning and Zoning to discuss your potential project and site.

Contact the State of Connecticut to learn more about licenses and permits that could be required for your business.

Contact Ledge Light Health District to discuss any potential permits.

Contact the Liquor Control Commission for any Liquor permitting.

Ensure your name is available to register on the CT Secretary of State website.

Determine insurance needs with a commercial insurance broker.

Consider the timeframes and fees for any approvals.

Contact the Fire Marshall for Licenses and permits.

Before Opening

Record Trade Name Certificate at the Clerk’s Office.

Register your business through the CT Secretary of State.

Obtain an EIN Number through the IRS.

Complete any applicable Zoning Applications as the Planning and  Zoning Division advises. Any special permit needs approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Any liquor permit must be registered and stamped at the Clerk’s Office.

Obtain Building Permits such as the Certificate of Occupancy as directed by the Building Inspector.

If your business is over 50 years old, please complete a Historic Preservation Design Review Form.

If your business has employees consult with the Department of Labor on what registrations and insurance are required.

Grand Opening

Contact the Economic Development team to help promote your business through our Social Media.

Add your business information to the Economic Development Department’s Email Blast List.