Over 100 years of providing safe harbor

Thames Shipyard has been serving the marine industry for over 100 years. Today, the shipyard has complete new-build and maintenance capabilities for all types of commercial vessels, both steel and aluminum, along with well-equipped machine and engine repair shops. Two floating dry docks can accommodate vessels up to 400 feet in length and 10,000 tons displacement.

Thames Shipyard has performed hundreds of commercial vessel dry dockings, numerous new constructions, and many vessel re-powering and overhauls. In addition to major construction projects, over the past five years, Thames Shipyard has safely conducted over 100 haul outs and repairs on all types of commercial vessels including ferries, fishing vessels (both party and commercial trawlers), pilot boats, tugs, dredges, and barges (deck, scow, crane, and petroleum). In addition, the shipyard also repairs long liners, small freighters, and tankers.

The shipyard employs and contracts with a wide range of tradespersons and craftspeople, including carpenters, electricians, and mechanics. These professionals operate on-site at a massive 12,000 square foot machine shop, right on the Thames River. By having these facilities, located on one of the only deep-water ports in Connecticut, and being one of the most conveniently located shipyards between New York and Boston, the Thames Shipyard is in the ideal location to continue offering maritime maintenance and repair services for commercial shipping.

To build on a century-long history of success and skilled services, late last year the Thames Shipyard received a 200,000 federal grant to further modernize their facilities. This investment will go toward upgrading the services provided by the shipyard, and further support Thames Shipyard’s expertise in boat repair and shipbuilding to help keep eastern Connecticut’s fishing, shipping, and marine industries running at full speed.