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Development Opportunities

Fort Trumbull

Specifications of Project

The Fort Trumbull peninsula was rezoned in 2001 to the MD- Maritime District. The purpose of this district is to encourage the development of discrete waterfront areas of the City pursuant to a comprehensive development plan. The regulations governing the Maritime District are designed to promote a mix of land uses in order to:

  1. Create a vibrant atmosphere that takes advantage of the unique character and beauty of the city’s waterfront.
  2. Implement the overall goals and planning objectives of the Plan of Conservation and Development, the Coastal Area Management Plan, and the Connecticut Coastal Management Act.
  3. Increase general public access to the waterfront and public enjoyment of waterfront views.
  4. Preserve and encourage water dependent uses.
  5. Maximize economic benefit to the city and its residents.
  6. Potential opportunities:
  • Commercial/Hospitality
  • Hotel
  • Research & Development
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Residential
  • Office
  • Parking Structure
  • Medical


Location of Development

Corner of Briggs & Williams Street

Property Summary

Large open underdeveloped parcel with viable opportunity for redevelopment into residential use with rezoning. Geographically the parcel lends itself as woodsy with many features of the suburbs, yet still in close proximity to Interstate I-95, Route 1 and two major shopping areas.

Site Details

  • Map E05/Block 314/Lot 44
  • Owner: Shiloh Baptist Church Inc.
  • Current Land Use: Vacant land
  • Lot Area: 1026709.2 f2
  • Appraised Value: $1,319,300
  • Zoning District: R-2

Municipal Lots

Property Summary

Located in the heart of downtown this parcel has recently been redeveloped for parking. It is located in the Central Business District-One, providing many opportunities for retail space, office space, and residential all in the downtown town historic district and within walking distance to the Downtown Waterfront Park.

Eugene O’Neill Dr. & Tilley St.

Site Details

  • Map G11/Block 206/Lot 04
  • Owner: City of New London.
  • Current Land Use: Parking Lot
  • Lot Area: 10,890 f2
  • Appraised Value: $115,200
  • Zoning District: CBD-1

Eugene O’Neill Dr. & Green St.

Site Details

  • Map G12/Block 140/Lot 02
  • Owner: City of New London.
  • Current Land Use: Parking Lot
  • Lot Area: 141,382 f2
  • Appraised Value: $317,000
  • Zoning District: CBD-1