City Initiatives

East New London (Crystal Avenue/
State Pier Road/Eastern Avenue)

  • Rezoning of parcels located in the eastern part of New London
  • Preparation of property for new “off-shore wind industry”

Fort Trumbull Peninsula

  • Master plan underway for Fort Trumbull development parcels
  • Plans include the new development of mixed-use, standalone residential, standalone commercial and parking

Downtown New London Union Station

  • Expansion of Metro North railway lines from New Haven to New London
  • Promote Bike Share Program initiative
  • Business Program for start-ups

Downtown/Fort Trumbull

  • Pedestrian walkway/pedestrian access from the City’s downtown to Fort Trumbull
  • Promote walkability and strengthen neighborhood connection through other transportation network

CT College/Hodges Square

  • Redevelopment of Hodges Square neighborhood
  • Interconnection between Hodges Square neighborhood and Connecticut College/U.S. Coast Guard Academy
  • Strengthen a sense of place through Redevelopment and Placemaking
  • Enhanced walkability in Hodges Square
  • Zoning regulations that support best and highest use